On-board weighing systems on the truck/ manuretank

MD Techniek has excellent and accurate weighing systems for trucks or trailers. In addition to selling weighing systems from the best quality brands, we can also develop a custom-made weighing system that is fully tailored to your truck and needs. It is important that the weight of a truck’s load is well distributed to prevent overloading, especially when you are dealing with partial deliveries. You will find various weighing systems with us, all of which are based on load cell technology.

We have more than 30 years of experience in customization of mobile weighing systems throughout Europe:

  • M350S: even better control over overloading or partial deliveries with this completely new indicator
  • ZM 405 indicator
  • Weighing on the tipper
  • MDT IT1 – IT3
  • Verifiable measuring system on manure trailer

Truck tracking system

MD Techniek also supplies tracking systems for trucks. We offer you various packages, including a GPS tracker and a GPS system against car theft. This allows you to track your vehicle in 38 countries. Would you like to know which GPS systems, which weighing systems or which traction meters are suitable for your truck? Please contact us!