MD Techniek has been specialized in supplying weighbridges for more than 30 years. We are the Benelux dealer of Barbal®. We manufacture our weigh beams and single axle weighbridges ourselves with Giropés® components, in every size and according to every specification for companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. We also offer you a complete range of high-quality additional products.

To prevent measurement errors, we produce each weighbridge accurately during the design and production process. We also provide you with service and maintenance upon request.

A custom-made weighbridge

A weighbridge or weighing beam that is fully adapted to your wishes: MD Techniek is happy to advise you on this. Are you looking for a special single-axle weighbridge? This is available in a static and dynamic variant, installation is also possible. Our weighbridges are available in different sizes and capacities from 500 kilograms to 70 tons. We also supply weighbridges for various materials, such as:

  • A concrete weighbridge such as BPTSE, BPGEH, BPCTH and BPGSH
  • A modular concrete weighbridge such as BPPSE
  • A metal weighbridge for weighing containers such as BPGEM
  • A modular metal weighbridge such as BPGMO and BPPCE
  • A metal weighbridge such as BPGSMX

Download hier een tekening van een weegbrug

High-quality wheel load meters

 In addition to our own custom-made weighing plates, we also offer weighing plate wheel load meters from other high-quality brands. With us you will find a range of high-end products from the Swiss brand HAENNI. With a wheel load meter from this brand it is possible to carry out calibrated static and mobile weighing. Do you have any questions about these specific wheel load meters or our other products that we offer for sale? Please contact us!


HAENNI is a Swiss company that makes wheel load meters by hand and provides them with unique weighing technology. MD Techniek is proud to have been a Haenni® Benelux dealer for more than 30 years. The products are mainly used in the Netherlands and Belgium by the Police, the Tax Authorities and the Human Environment & Transport Inspectorate for checks on overloading. The systems are of very high quality and extremely accurate.

Why are we specialists in the field of weighbridges? Every weighbridge you can buy from us is very accurate. Measurement errors can have major consequences and we prevent that thanks to a precise design and production process.